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Od Bihaca do Petrovca sela

Remove Kebab song lyrics (2019)

Terrorist Brenton Tarant listened the Remove Kebab song, or originally “From Bihac to Petrovac willage” or in his car. A minute later, he killed 49 people in the mosque.

Although the official title of the song “From Bihac to Petrovac Village” a new name “Remove kebab” appeared a few years ago. In translation – “kill Muslims, or remove Muslims”

Each of the versions of “Remove kebab” is full of comments that insult Muslims, and even calls for them to get rid of them and even kill them.

With songs verses, Taran raised his adrenaline while holding a rifle in his hand, and drove to where she would massacre Muslims.

It is to be expected that the song on Youtube and its variations made around the world will be banned.

Remove Kebab lyrics (2019)

The song originated probably in 1992 during the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The spot itself is completely simple, a few soldiers in uniform play trumpet, synthesizer and accordion and sing the lyrics,

The controversial song was sung from China to America. On the Internet, there is also a recording of the Chinese in uniform singing “From Bihac, to Petrovac village”.

Given that they are in uniform, it’s hard to believe that they do not know what the words they say are.

Text of this song:

From Bihac to Petrovac village, to Petrovac village
Serbian country attacked whole, attacked whole

Show them that they are not afraid of anything
They are not afraid of anything

[Verse 2] Croatian fascists have woken up, Croatian fascists,
Don’t touch our country, Our country

[Verse 3]
The wolves went from Krajina, wolves started
Beware of the Ustasha and the Turks, the Ustasha and the Turks

Remove Kebab song (all about 2019)

The investigation showed that the Terrorist from New Zealand was also in Bosnia. According to the same sources, he briefly stayed in the Balkans from 28 to 30 December 2016 when he traveled through Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina by bus.

He published documents according to which, as a motive for his actions, he ordered the fight against immigration that overflows the culture of European white people. Some elements refer to episodes from the history of the Balkans and the struggle against the Ottoman Empire.

He had a knife list: He planned the murder of Merkel, Erdogan …
Brenton Tarrant described Angela Merkel as “the mother of all anti-German and anti-German things in the world,” accusing her of “racially cleansing Europe from Europeans.”

Brenton Tarrant

Brenton Tarrant

The Australian killer, Brenton Tarrant, called in his manifesto for the murder of politicians who are “enemies” of European countries. German Chancellor Angela Merkel tops the list.

He made a list of “high-ranking enemies” including Merkel, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and mayor Sadik Khana.

Tarrant said that Erdogan was “the leader of the largest Islamic group within Europe”. He wanted to remove him “to eliminate the main enemy of Russia and weaken NATO”.

Speaking about the mayor of London, he said that Khan was a “Pakistani Muslim conqueror” because he “wants an ethnical replacement of the British people in the United Kingdom”. (source: radio krajina)

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